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doctrine of discovery

Today I was reminded of the fact that, according to some people, I don't count. I am not "being supportive" when I have a differing opinion.  Because I don't have kids who do a million things, my life isn't important enough to follow.  When I am personally hurt and saddened by an event like Orlando, it doesn't even register that I might need support because 40-something gay people were shot and killed.

Why am I less than human because you fail to understand me? Because you fail to even want to understand me?  I have to be the smarter one, and the emotionally mature one because your feelings were hurt when I disagreed with you, and so I apologize so that you feel better.

But I don't feel better. And you have no idea. And you don't care.  I am incomprehensible and alien and less-than, and only important as an audience to your "greatness." And while I believe that you do love me in your own way, you do not know me at all and you never have.

All I can do is to love you, because you are my brother.     I just have to remember that to you I will never be fully human.


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Jul. 17th, 2016 08:44 pm (UTC)
and in loving this way you prove yourself to be fully human.
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